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Press-fit zone

The design of these elastic press-fit zones are based on the experience over many years of the design office TBS L. Sorig with regard to development and production in the field of press-fit technology.  

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Special care has been taken to comply with the general requirements of DIN EN 60352-5 / (IEC). SCHROEDER + BAUER has now licensed this technology and constructs complex stamping tools to produce contacts with elastic press-fit zones. 

Press-fit contact: EloPin customers are convinced

SCHROEDER + BAUER has been a pioneer in the special market for press-fit contacts for a number of years. We are now pleased to inform you that more and more customers have decided to use the EloPin from SCHROEDER + BAUER. They are convinced of the quality of EloPin.

High customer demand has resulted in a wide range of options and extended product range which we have listed for you.

Advantages of EloPin

  • Cost-effective double-sided assembly of PCBs
  • No problems with solder straps, residual soldering flux, dry joints, thermal stress
  • No ecologically harmful materials
  • Suitable for use with halogen-free and lead-free PCBs 
  • Reliable, gas-tight connection
  • Low stress on the through-plated holes and the connected conducting tracks
  • No lead chips during press-in procedure
  • Low press-in forces
  • Reliable function with the standardized hole dimensions



Further information is available within the following PDF-document: Download (PDF, 322 kb).

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